5 Reasons why everyone should include Fig in their daily diet

Dried figs as dry fruits
Dried figs as dry fruits
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Fig also called anjeer is a fruit, which is also served as a dry fruit in different cuisines. Health experts believe that including this very thing in your daily diet can be boon for one’s life. Let us see it now!

Soft, sweet and pulpy, this delicious fruit is a health promoter. The fig occupies a high position among all the fruits.

Dried figs as dry fruits
Dried figs as dry fruits

Description of Fig:

It is a pear-shaped, hollow fruit, with sugary pulp and a large number of small seeds, golden in colour. The very fruit varies in size and colour. The ripe, fresh fruit is juicy, wholesome and delicious. However, being highly perishable, it s is sold in the world markets in its dry form.

Botanical name– Ficus carica

History of Fig plant and cultivation:

growing fig on tree
growing fig on tree

The fig is a native of Asia Minor and spread early to the Mediterranean region. It is a plant of extremely ancient cultivation and was grown in Egypt around 4000 BC. It has been used as a principal food in the Mediterranean countries for thousands of years.

Where it is found?

The main areas of fig cultivation in India are Pune in Maharashtra, Srirangapatnam in Karnataka, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and different parts of Gujarat.

Nutritional value of Fig:

Fresh figs

Fig (Fresh)-

  1. Moisture 88.1%
  2. Protein 1.3%
  3. Fat 0.2%
  4. Carbohydrates 7.6%
  5. Fibre 2.2%
  6. Minerals 0.6%

Fig (Dry)

  1. Moisture 23.0%
  2. Protein 4.3%
  3. Fat 1.3%
  4. Carbohydrates 63.4%
  5. Fibre 5.6%
  6. Minerals 2.4%
  • In the mineral category, it holds different minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Vitamin A and a small amount of Vitamin B Complex in it.

Now, we shall be talking about the health benefits of Fig. It is also used to cure numerous diseases. It is considered restorative food, which helps in quick recovery after a prolonged illness. It is an excellent tonic for weak people. Let’s have a look.

Health benefits of Fig:

1) Treatment for Sexual weakness

Figs are very beneficial to treat impotency and sexual weakness. Give it to the patient regularly, with other dry fruits like almonds, dry dates; followed by the butter. It has been proved that this treatment enhances sexual vigour and treats impotency.

2) Comforts in Asthma

Asthma which is a respiratory disorder can be healed with the usage of fig. Phlegmatic cases of cough and asthma are treated with success, by their use. A patient suffering from such disorder must include figs in their daily diet. It gives comfort, by draining phlegm out.

3) Excellent remedy for Piles

Due to its laxative properties, the fig is a great remedy for piles. Take 2 or 3 dried figs and soak it in cold water for overnight. Next morning, wash it with hot water and give the patient to eat. Repeat the same in the evening. It removes the straining at stools and thus prevents the protrusion of the anus.

Doing this will cure piles in just three to four weeks.

4) Cures Constipation

A patient suffering from constipation must take figs (either fresh or dried) in a daily diet. The tiny seeds in the fruit possess the property of stimulating peristaltic movements of intestines, which facilitates easy evacuation of faces and keeps the alimentary canal clean.

5) Treats Fungal infections and Corns

Corns are the fungal infections, which affects your foot soles. The milky juice of green figs is very useful to treat those infections. Apply those on the affected area, it softens the corns and thus treats them. The milk has a mild necrotic action/.

Precautions Before taking Figs:

  • Figs should be washed thoroughly before use.
  • The skin of the dry fruit being tough, the soaked fig is easy to digest.
  • The water in which you soak the fruit should be taken along with, as it gives you those nutrients which drain in the process of soaking.

You must be amazed at fig benefits, isn’t it! Share this all and spread the awareness. Take care and live well!

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