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Natural Cure for Ulcerative Colitis – Diet and Home Remedies

What can be good for you to manage the ulcerative colitis at home?  A healthy lifestyle and proper eating habits are major keys to lead a healthy life.  Diet and home remedies available in...
Toddler Eating food

Food ideas for your 2-3 year old Toddlers; Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

2-3 year is the age when the toddler is a fussy eater! 9 out of 10 parents has the issue that their developing toddler is not eating well. Today we have some of the...

Top 9 Foods that will help to SLEEP instantly

There is a very big problem with sleeping nowadays. Reasons are many like stress, workload and so on. People take sleeping pills for good sleep, which is dangerous in later periods of time. Apart...
healthy honey biscuits

How to Make Healthy Honey Biscuits

If you have never had some of these delicious golden-brown queens, then it is time for you to try. You will love them as they are extremely easy to make, soft and have an...