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Diet plan for Growing Kids

When an infant is born; he/she is totally depended on mother's milk. As they grow, slowly their diet starts getting expanded enriched with healthy nutrients for their proper growth. For neonates, diet is not...

Diet tips for a Pregnant Women

A normal women has to pass through different phases of life which has its own demands, difficulties, addition of diet and many more. Pregnancy is the period which brings lots of happiness but a...

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sarcoidosis – Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Diagnosis

Sarcoidosis is a type of inflammatory disease which affects many organs of the body. This condition is characterized by the growth of inflammatory cells in different parts of body organs. The organs which are...
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Indian diet plan for 6-8 months baby : Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian

Hey all, today we are here with a post which will be telling you the correct schedule and diet plan of a 6-8 month-old Indian baby. It's all about to train new-mothers what type of...