Indian diet plan for 6-8 months baby : Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian

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Hey all, today we are here with a post which will be telling you the correct schedule and diet plan of a 6-8 month-old Indian baby. It’s all about to train new-mothers what type of foods should be there and what should be the correct ting of the food.

India is the land where temperature varies from very hot to very cold. Like in foreign countries like the U.S; temperature remains very cold and in summers also its just a bit hot. In India, we offer a wide variety of food to the developing kid, and in a homemade way.

Here we will be telling what should be the correct diet schedule of a developing 6 months old baby. At this age, the kid has just started its solids and a special care is needed before choosing their food.

Are packaged and fortified baby food really good:

baby rejecting food
baby rejecting food

8 out of 10 parents prefer to give fortified and instant available baby food to their baby. Somehow they are very easy to prepare but are they really good for the health of those tiny ones!

The first thing, natural and homemade food is superior of all. It is neither canned nor mixed with any preservatives. However, if you give such food your baby may become healthy but can be bad for future references.

No packaged baby food: good or bad-

  • You should not just zero the use of these ready-made cereals.
  • While traveling, in an emergency or once a twice a week is okay. It will no harm if used in limited quantity.

8 out of 10 new mothers gets panic easily when their child gets cranky about food. Following are some of the points which will help you to figure out such cases.

Now let us come to our topic which is the diet plan of the baby.

we will be telling in a column way so that it will be easy for the readers to understand the actual diet plan of a 6-month baby.

Indian Diet plan of a 6-8-month-old baby:

small baby eating food
small baby eating food


  1. Milk with mashed chappatis
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Idlis
  4. or Full cream milk with a teaspoon of ghee
  5. or Milk with whole grain biscuits



pureed food for babies

Evening snacks-


  • Softened chappatis with milk
  • Sooji cooked with milk  and dry fruits
  • Scrambled egg with chapatis or mixed with rice

Above you saw a wide variety of food that you can offer to your baby. However, you have to take care of few points so that your baby development goes nicely without any hindrance.

Tips for the baby for healthy growth:

  1. Always remember, happy babies are healthy babies! Don’t force your kids to eat or for anything. Instead of them make them understand or divert in toys to feed easily.
  2. You should always give boiled water to your babies.
  3. The quantity of food and choices varies in every kid. So don’t be worried about that and take it wisely.
  4. Between the meals, you can also offer some slices of fruits, biscuits, vada or some of the other foods. Even if they are not eating; they will get used to of a variety of tastes and flavors.
  5. Make it a habit to have your food with the baby, this will make them understand the importance of eating food and sharing as well.
  6. In winters you can add some ajwain, jeera, and black pepper to your baby food. In addition to taste, it will also keep away seasonal issues.

This was a guide and diet plan for food for 6-8 months babies. Hope you find the post knowledgeable. Share it to all and do share your comments with us. Take care and live well!

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