You will be amazed by knowing the Curative properties of Basil

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Basil or Tulsi is an ancient sacred plant that is worshipped as Mother Goddess in India. In India, plants and trees are considered sacred and worshipped. Plants such as Neem, Tulsi, Peepal, Banyan, etc are worshipped. Hey guys, get ready to get amazed now! Today we will be discussing the curative properties of Basil which is going to surprise and amaze you.

Curative properties of Basil
Holy Tulsi leaves

Since ages, our ancestors and ancient sages have been describing the benefits and sacredness of Tulsi. In the present era too, the holy plant of basil is given utmost importance.

Importance of Basil leaves in health purpose:

So guys now you are aware of the health benefits of Tulsi leaves. It is time to make you amazed! We all know that Tulsi leaves are used in several health issues, but how to use it? One must know that sanjeevani booti too is useless if not well prepared.

Thousands of Diseases needs only one cure:

Isn’t it amazing, a simple thing can cure a number of diseases. Yes, it is Tulsi leaves. Diseases are something that no one wants to have. But these unwanted things appear in our life due to several factors. Many diseases are so dreadful that are said as Incurable.

Incurable means thing which can only be cured by Inner healing.
Now let us know how to use Tulsi leaves for remedial purposes.

Curative properties of Basil:

Take 21-35 leaves of Basil. Using a hand grinder, or ‘silbatta‘ in Hindi, grind all those leaves to form a smooth paste. It should be soft as chutney. Mix the Basil paste with 10-30 gm of sweet curd. Make sure that the curd is not sour if you don’t get a curdy look then better add 1-3 tablespoons of honey to it. Never give that medicine with milk.

Take this medicine early morning in an empty stomach. After 1-2 hours of medicine, you can go for breakfast. Take this medicine only once a day. In case of heavy diseases like Cancer, you can exceed the dosage to 2-3 times a day. This therapy is very beneficial to cure Cancer (only if the disease has not passed advanced stages).

Diseases which are treatable with this are given below:

  1. Cough and cold
  2. Pediatric cough
  3. Respiratory disorders
  4. Loss of Memory
  5. Old headaches
  6. Eye pain
  7. High and Low Blood Pressure
  8. Obesity
  9. constipation
  10. Kidney disorders
  11. Arthritis pain
  12. Weakness in older ages
  13. Leucoderma
  14. Women disorders
  15. Skin diseases and many more.

In this way, we saw the curative properties of Basil. Basil or Tulsi is a very efficient remedy. There are many diseases that are said to have no cure, but it is false. Sooner or later, the cure is revealed and the base is from Nature. Take care and live well!

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