Common things about liver and its health cure

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All the living beings are made of certain organs; as internal and external ones. Each of them plays a vital role in the proper survival and functioning of body. Like; limbs are the external organs which helps in the movement of body whereas heart is an internal organ which pumps blood throughout the body.

Human liver
Human liver in body

Here, our concerned topic is ‘Liver’. Its functioning, mechanisms, structure and o on. We will also be discussing about its illness and curing actions; which will be naturally based. So, lets proceed-


Human organs are divided into two parts; primary as well as secondary. Primary organs are those; which are the key for survival. As, every body part and organ is important but those organs without; the body can’t live more is called primary organs. Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, intestines etc comes under this. Talking about liver; it is considered as the largest gland in human body. It is brownish maroon in colour. The liver is the vital organ in vertebrates; located at upper part of abdomen; just below the diaphragm. A normal human liver weighs up to 1.44-1.66 kg. The Liver is considered as the largest internal organ. It is a part which comes under the digestive system; triangular in shape.

Functions of Liver:-

Anatomical structure of liver
Liver anatomy

Liver plays a major role in many body functions; without whom body can turn lifeless. Some of the functions of liver are listed below-

  1. A healthy liver provides immunity to the body and acts as a barrier for infections.
  2. Liver plays a vital role in the synthesis of protein and cholesterol.
  3. Liver is responsible for the breakdown of nutrients from food and produces energy when needed.
  4. Liver produces an enzyme called bile which is a compound needed to digest fat and to absorb Vitamin A, D, E and K.
  5. Liver stores nutrients like vitamins, minerals and sugars; which prevents shortage of nutrients when needed.
  6. Liver acts as a blood reservoir which contains phagocytic cells.

Facts about Liver:-

Hey guys, going through facts of some topic is a kind of fun-learn. Without your knowledge, the things are grasped by your mind instantly and intellectually. To make our article much interesting and beneficial you reader we are presenting some interesting facts about Liver-

  • As compared to the normal weight, if your liver is weighing 10% extra as fat then you must seek an expert; there can be the chances of chronic illness or you might have fatty liver.
  • Liver is one of the liked non-vegetarian items. But beware, if you eat a polar bear liver; you will die. Actually, human system can’t handle that much Vitamin A.
  • Unfortunately, a liver disorder called ‘Hepatitis C’ has no vaccination. In case of cure, antivirals can help but severe ones can damage the liver even.
  • Alcohol abuse is the most common reason for liver damage in North America.

Ailments related to Liver:-

As liver is meant for several bodily functions so it is recognised as the vital organ. Hence, there are also many dysfunctions and ailments related to liver. There are over 100 forms of liver diseases affecting men, women, and kids too. Hepatitis A, B, C, Fatty liver, Liver cancer, haemochromatosis etc are some of them. In most of the ailments, you will notice some causes and reasons fit similar; alcohol abuse, fatty-foods, lack of physical works and so on. Unfortunately, but in most of the cases; liver ailments leads to liver damage; when the severity gets fatal then it can also lead to the chances of liver damage ultimately the cure states as ‘Liver transplant’.

Liver transplant-

Pictured description of liver transplant
Liver transplant pictured

In most of ailment cases, several drugs and antivirals are prescribed. But the last option becomes liver transplant. In this, a donor is needed from which the damage part is dissected and fitted to the patient liver. It’s a risky procedure but seems to be the ultimate remedy. After the surgery, one has to avoid fatty foods and oily stuffs. In addition, several other tips are also followed for a healthy and total recovery.

Surgical process of liver transplant
Liver transplant surgery

So, these were the cure of liver. Now we will be discussing how to care your liver. How to strengthen it so that no disease gets the capability to attack it? It’s all about how to promote a better health and lead a virtuous life.

Herbal tips to keep your liver healthy:-

It is a phrase ‘Love your Liver’. In order to keep yourself healthy, you must start caring your liver. Following re some of the health tips for a healthy liver-

Diet foods for healthy liver
Diet for healthy liver
  1. Firstly, you have to keep an eye on your calorie intake. Extra calorie intake means obese body; when the fat accumulation gets raised then it starts getting deposited on your liver which is very hazardous.
  2. Drink ample amount of water like 3-4 litres a day. This will flush all the toxins containing urea, nitrogenous wastes etc; giving a surety about your liver’s health.
  3. Include fruits like grapefruit, melons, oranges, mosambi, lemon, custard apple etc in your diet. These are highly beneficial to maintain liver’s health.
  4. If you are habituated of alcohols, then simply reduce its intake. If you take in limited amount then it works as a medicine.
  5. On a daily basis, include herbal tea in your routine. Herbal tea is a rich source of antioxidants thus keeps your liver clean and healthy.
  6. Unnecessary painkillers and medicines overburden your liver thus making it fatigued. In order to keep your liver healthy you must avoid extra medicines.
  7. Broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, bottle gourd and green vegetables are simple diet but strengthen your liver.
  8. Every morning in empty stomach; a glass of lukewarm water with lemon is the best de-oxidising agent. It cleanses your whole system making it free from ailments.
  9. Berries are the tiny fruits but rich in carotene and other nutrients. You mus include these in your diet for a healthy system.
  10. Garlic, ginger, cloves etc are some of the spice items which are nectar for liver.


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