Things about Colostrum milk every new mother should know

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When a baby is born, his/her first feed is ‘breastmilk‘. Experts says breastfeed as ‘best milk’, ‘nectar’ or must have milk. The first milk secreted from mammary glands, slightly thick and gluey is called Colostrum. Today we will be talking about Colostrum milk that, every new mother should know.

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences, one can ever have! But the challenge arises, when it comes about diet and full care for the baby. Especially for new mothers ad who are not a bit known about it, health care and nutrition becomes a big thing.

Today we will be talking about Colostrum milk, which is an important thing to know for new mothers.

What is Colostrum milk?

During the first two or four days after delivery, thick yellowish fluid is secreted from mammary glands. This looks same as transparent glue, and is very thick. This is called Colostrum. It is secreted in small quantit7y of about 10-40 ml.

new born feeding
new born feeding

Nutritional presence in Colostrum milk:

  • Colostrum milk is rich in protein.
  • The total fat content is lesser than mature milk.
  • It has more amounts of Vitamin A and K in it, with less concentration of lactose in it.
  • It contains enzymes like lysozyme, peroxidase and oxidase in it. All these helps in cell maturation and growth of the body.
  • Colostrum milk is rich in zinc content, it is 20 mg/l in colostrum whereas mature milk has 2.6 mg/l.

When it should be given to the baby?

According to experts and dietitians, a baby should be given his/her first milk 30-40 minutes after normal delivery and 4 hours after caesarean section. It quenches the thirst and meets the nutritional needs of the baby.

Many of you must be guessing, how colostrum milk is so beneficial for the new infant. Now we shall be talking about the health benefits of Colostrum. I’m sure, after reading this you will suggest everyone for the same.

Health benefits of Colostrum:

  1. Colostrum is the first immunisation to the infant, it is like putting a natural vaccine with numerous benefits.
  2. It contains an interferon like substance, which possesses strong antiviral activity and provides protection against diseases like polio, small pox, influenza etc.
  3. It is rich in B12 binding protein, which renders B12 unavailable for the growth of E.Coli and other bacteria.

In this way we saw how beneficial colostrum milk is for infants. Isn’t it like a health insurance for the baby! So if you too are a new mother or mother-to-be, then must keep this in mind and keep your kid healthy. Have a happy motherhood 🙂 Take care and live well!

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