Home Remedies for cold and cough in Babies

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Cold and cough in babies are common but as the little ones acquire weak immune system, they became exhausted and uncomfortable soon causing troubles for the parents. Treating the wheezing or hacking in the babies is not similar to that of the adults using medication. Here is everything you should know about your baby’s cold and cough.

How do you know it’s cough or cold?

There are many symptoms shown by a newborn that are enough to diagnose cough or cold. The major symptoms include –

  • Sleep troubles
  • Irritation
  • Cough and sneeze
  • Congestion in nose
  • Fever
  • Feeling less hungry
  • Rattling mucus
  • Sore throat

Top Reasons for Cold and Cough in babies

remedies for cold and cough in babies

Virus is the major factor causing cough and cold in newborns. The environment, dusty objects around the baby and many other factors cause infection in newborns which usually get cleared away with time. To provide instant relief to the baby, parents often go for the home remedies as the baby is still not ready to accept the general cough and cold medicines positively. The prime reasons for a cough and cold in babies include –

  • Environment – A polluted or infected environment can severely affect the respiratory tract of the newborns
  • Touching Infected or Dirty Things – Babies often touch and pick things around them and sometimes they put the small ones in their mouth as well. The infected or dirty objects spread infection in them through the mouth, nose, and throat.
  • Contact with an Infected Person – Germs also spread through physical contact of an infected person with the newborn

Home Remedies for Cold and Cough in babies

Infants have an immune system which is still developing and hence they can’t tolerate the drugs for common cold and cough. Home remedies are preferred to cure various common health conditions in the newborns. Here are some effective home remedies for babies to fight with cold and cough –

  • Humidifiers with Essential Oils – Essential oils not just work wonders for aesthetics but act as a quick relief provider for common cold and cough in babies. The heat generated by the humidifiers turn the essential oils into vapour and spread the mild aroma around. Lemon, lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils are few mostly chosen humidifier essential oils for curing cold and cough in newborns.

  • Homemade Saline Drops – Putting the fresh-saline drops made at home using salt and mildly warm water in the nostrils of the newborn can help him attain a peaceful sleep without facing the discomfort due to cough or cold.

  • More Breastfeeding – Breastfeeding is known as the health booster for both the mom and the baby. Breast milk has antibacterial properties that help a baby eliminate the germs or infection from his body.

  • Paultice Made of Ajwain and Garlic – Ajwain and Garlic, both are proven home remedies for cold and cough in newborns. Making poultice of mildly heated Ajwain or Garlic and moving it over the chest of the newborn can provide him instant relief.

  • Kadha – Drinking Kadha made of fresh and natural ingredients like Ginger or Tulsi has been benefiting the newborns for many centuries. It’s a magical formulation and a priceless gift of nature.

  • Slope Hill Position – Sleeping positions of your newborn may also affect his health during cough and cold. In slope hill position, the baby’s head is elevated in order to help the baby breathe more and freely. This position also retains the lost energy of the newborn during cold and cough.

These were the top home remedies for cold and cough in babies. You don’t need an academic degree to treat your newborn from common health conditions at home. Cold and cough can be easily cured at home with the help of many productive organic ingredients. You can analyze your baby’s condition properly during cold and cough and try out one or more natural home remedies mentioned above for noticeable results without any adverse impact on health.

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