A complete look on Phototherapy for Neonatal Jaundice

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Neonatal Jaundice is termed to the Jaundice in newborns. Generally, it doesn’t need any treatment  but the common prescribed treatment for mild jaundice is; Phototherapy.  Today we will be talking, how actually it works and its mechanism.

What is Phototherapy?

It is one of the most common and popular therapy to lower bilirubin levels, in infants. Phototherapy is also done for many other physical and mental diseases such as psoriasis.

Infant undergoing Phototherapy
Infant undergoing Phototherapy

How it is done?

Phototherapy can be done anywhere; at hospitals as well as at homes. Let us check out the things required and steps for phototherapy.

  1. In this the baby is placed in a crib (incubator).
  2. He/she is allowed to exposed to a type of fluorescent light, with some cloth on eye.
  3. During the treatment, minimal cloths (only diaper) should be there on baby’s body as, for complete and effective treatment maximum skin should be exposed to the light.

How does it works?

The high frequency lights contains, same energy as like artificial sunlight. These lights, absorbed into baby skin helps to break down the bilirubin levels and convert them into by-products, which are then released  by stools and urine.

Common problems and side-effects related to Phototherapy:

Well, this treatment is fully viable and has no such contradictions. Still, there are many possible phototherapy problems related, which are given as below-

  • Skin rashes can be seen
  • If the infant doesn’t take proper feeding, then it may also  cause dehydration.
  • If the eyes are not fully covered then it may also cause damage to the retina.

Time taken for treatment:

Usually, it takes 2-8 days for the full recovery of the disease. It majorly depends on, the frequency of treatment. You can trigger the recovery by giving feeds in every 2-3 hours. Make sure that baby stays in light completely, with all the sides of  the body.

Pschycological reference for Phototherapy:

Although it is a painless treatment, but none of  us will want a newborn to stay in such therapies. Psychologically, it is not acceptable to anyone. Thus precautions should be taken, for both mother and the baby.

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