3 Easy ways to tackle Diarrhoea or Loose motion in toddlers

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Diarrhoea or loose motion is a minor kind of disorder mostly noticed among small babies and toddlers. In this stomach remains upset that harasses the whole body. We people use lots of medicines etc to treat this. In kids, it’s not always good to rely upon Medicines. Be your own doctor and this this illness naturally at home.

Causes of Diarrhoea in toddlers:

diarrhoea in babies
diarrhoea in babies

There can be a number of reasons, some of them are given below-

  • Upset bowel movement
  • Reaction of new food
  • Pathogenic factors
  • bacterial infections or viral ones
  • Water change
  • Excessive use of packaged foods
  • Overdose of solids etc.

How can Diarrhoea be severed?

Although Diarrhoea is not a major thing, but it’s consequences can be hyper. In Diarrhoea, stool gets watery which leads to dehydration in babies. It also leads to electrolyte imbalance which makes your baby irritated and feel weak.

What People do for the treatment?

Generally, people go for Allopath treatment with tablets and syrups. Although it treats the disorder very fast but is hazardous for future references.

The soft and newly created digestive system don’t need such harsh treatment. Go wisely and softly! Now let us come to our concerned point which is natural treatment for Diarrhoea.

Nature has offered us all the wonders, it is the Human beings who are not understanding and using the resources wisely. Today we will be telling you three easy steps which will treat your baby’s loose motion.

Of course it will not work so faster as the medications, but will be without any side effects.

3 Easy ways to tackle Diarrhoea in toddlers:

1. Ripe banana will cure loose stools-

banana for loose motions
banana for loose motions

One of the finest remedy for loose motion is banana. You can give it in mashed form with little bit of milk. Make sure that the weather is not cold, as it can lead to cough and congestion.

Give ripe banana twice a day and you will notice the results yourself. If the baby is above the age of 2 then give it simply to eat. Banana is also good for adults in case of diarrhoea.

2. Coconut water is the best-

coconut water for diarrhoea
coconut water for diarrhoea

Coconut water is best during summer and must be given to 8 month+ babies. In case of loose stools it works very effectively.

The fresh water from green coconut can be given 2-3 teaspoon twice to thrice a day. The quantity may vary as per the age group.

It will bind the digestive health and will curb Diarrhoea. In addition, it also maintains electrolyte balance in body. This will prevent dehydration and other symptoms in loose motions.

3. Homemade ORS will work-

Many people prefer giving ors solutions available in markets. You can prepare it your own, and it will be best for the baby. Those available in markets are rich in additives and coloring agents, which is not good for the baby.

If you are travelling and cant prepare, then can use electral powder. It has no color and satisfactory one.

Home made ORS
Home made ORS

Give a few sips of ors instead of water, in every 30 minutes. Make sure that you prepare a fresh one and use within 30 minutes.

Self experienced results:

At the age of 9-10 months, my baby boy too suffered from the same problem. I used these three remedies.

In addition I minimized cow’s milk and mostly fed on breastfeed, juices, gripe water, ors etc. Due to lots of stools he was feeling uncomfortable which was very miserable for me.

With these remedies, my baby recovered in 2-3 days and slowly I started other solids. If you are also a new mum, and suffering from same condition then do use these.

Medications will treat soon, but can be hazardous for future references.

Hope the post was useful for you. If you find any kind of question or doubt , do comment us.

We will try to solve your doubt as soon as possible. The agenda of our writing is, healthy and happy growth of baby.

Happy Motherhood and take care!


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