5 Ways how to use Mango peels for Health promotion

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Mango; also known as ‘King of Fruits’, is loved by all. It is also rich in numerous health benefits, making it one of the best edible known to man. But, do you know those mango peels, which you throw away is also a kind of health substance! Let us check the health benefits of Mango peels.

After enjoying the flesh of Mango, we usually throw its peels. Many people dump it in eco-friendly way, but none of us consider it for health purpose.

Do you know, the mango peels that you throw away can be the solution of different health issues. Today our topic is on, how to use mango peels for health purpose.

Nutritional benefits of Mango peels:

mango peels

mango peels

We all know, mango is good for weight gain, eyesight, glowing skin, cholesterol problems and many more. Today let us know what are the nutritional elements as well as the health benefits of Mango peels.

  1. The peels of mango are packed with vitamins and minerals, making it one of the healthy thing.
  2. Mango peels contain many of the same nutrients as in the ripe flesh.
  3. The peels of mango are good and able to cure a number of diseases.

Now we will be looking those 5 ways, how to use mango peels in health purpose.

How to use Mango peels:

  • Make a smoothie of full mango, including its peels. In a blender, put the mango pieces and blend to form a fine smoothie. Take it once a week.
  • Chop the mango pieces and dry it under the sun. Form it dry chips and use as simple chips, as potato chips.
  • You can even take the tender ripe mango, and take out the peel. Make a smooth paste of it, like a chutney. Use it with regular meals, like a chutney.
  • You can even pickle mango peel, with brine and the little cucumber. It is a very good health supplement. Take it with your snack, as a side dish.
  • Grate the peel of mango, and use it in salad dressing and to garnish in some sorts of salty items. This is a very interesting and tasty way, to gain health.

In this way, we saw how to use those mango peels, which you were throwing always. So from now, start using the thing and dress-up your health.

Hope you like the post. Share it to all so that everyone gets benefited from this. Take care and live well!

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