5 Tips to maintain your Kidney Health and keep it disease free

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Do you also want to live long and healthy till the old age? Then you have to keep all your organs fit and well processing. Today we will be telling you 5 easy ways through which you can maintain your kidney health and keep it disease free always.

Nobody wants to become sick, weak, diseased and disable. All these things come, when some of your body parts and organs get diseased. Today we will be talking Kidneys.

Role of Kidneys in Body:

healthy kidney routine
healthy kidney routine

Your kidney is like a filter for the body. It is located below the abdomen in a pair. Healthy kidneys are brown-red in color and filters all the waste material from the body.

Kidneys come under the excretory system and are meant to keep your body free from poisonous substances such as urea, uric acid, nitrogenous wastes etc.

Once the kidney is damaged, the patient develops many other problems/diseases too, because of the huge decomposition of wastes in the body. For this, they have to undergo an artificial process called ‘dialysis’.

Problems related to Kidneys:

All over the world, the 2nd most life-threatening and dangerous disease is related with kidneys. Some of the diseases related to kidneys are-

  • Renal failure
  • Kidney stone
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Uremia
  • Urologic disease
  • Interstitial nephritis and many more
dialysis in kidney problems
dialysis in kidney problems

Habits that can make your kidneys sick:

You yourself are responsible, either to grow or degrade your body’s heath! This implies with your kidneys too. The eating habits, lifestyle and other things done by you decide the health of your kidneys. Some of the habits that may be destroying your kidney health is.

  1. High usage of salt in the daily diet, it will slowly take you to kidney problems by increasing creatine levels.
  2. Drinking of alcohol in extreme quantities too damages your kidney health.
  3. Overuse of painkillers are the top reasons, which kills the kidney cells (nephrons) and add in kidney diseases.
  4. Reduced drinking of water is a very common reason leading to serious kidney diseases.
  5. Lack of exercises and yoga.
  6. late in urinating and avoiding it, is a signal that in future you may suffer from such ailments.
  7. Excess and often intake of aerated drinks, colas, fast foods and heavy fried foods. All these slowly degrade your kidneys and the body too.

Now we shall be telling you what are the 5 ways through which you can keep your Kidney health tip-top and make it long-lasting.

5  Habits that promotes Kidney Health-

1. Addition of veggies and subtraction of fats from the diet-

healthy diet
healthy diet

This is the key rule, not just for kidney health but for your whole body. Make sure you eat lots of vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, cabbage and all those which are rich in fibers.

Try to minimize the intake of carbohydrates and fats like rice, butter, maida etc. These should be taken once in a while and in limited quantity as well.

2. Add Pranayama in your daily routine-


Although it’s quite difficult for all, especially the office persons to include yoga in their daily routine. As an alternative, they can opt for pranayama such as anulom vilom, kapalbhati, sheetali etc. These all will hardly 30 minutes daily, but will keep your kidney health good always.

3. Herbal treatments once in a while-

karela juice for kidnneys
karela juice for kidneys

Even if you are not having any kidney issue, you should include some kinds of herbal treatments once in a while. Amla juice, Tulsi tea, triphala decoction, horsegram lentils, chewing curry leaves, bitter gourd juice etc can be included once in a month.

Their limited intake will keep you healthy and safe.

4. Go for regular health check-ups-

regular health checkup
regular health checkup

7 out of 10 diagnose kidney issue when they are in advanced stages. This is because of negligence in diagnosis, no regular checkups and other.

In such cases, treatment becomes very tough and disease gets increased rapidly. So to stay on the safer side, always stay updated with your body health and their measurements.

5. Say no to Painkillers-

no painkillers
no painkillers

Medicines are never good when you are taking it very often or due to no reason. As such, they will only harm your body. Same is with painkillers, you should try to minimize it simply avoid it.

As an alternative, you can use some herbal and natural remedies like hot water bag, massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure etc.

Kidney diseases are very brutal! Once attacked, they can make your life worse from worsen. So stay in a safer side and main your kidney health.

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