5 steps to get a healthy skin

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Skin is the uppermost layer of our body which covers our muscles and flesh and gives it a perfect look. Now you must be wondering; skin tips in Ayurveda? Yes, today we are here with one of most interesting topics of human lives; Skin health. Lets discuss more about steps to get a healthy skin.

Most, probably it comes under the section of beauty tips- but we will present it in a different style correlated with health. Guys, when it comes about health everyone firstly gaze your normal appearance. Your skin defines everything. Isn’t it!

Lack of proper care and diet results in malnutrition and dab skin. Melanin is a pigment present under skin which is responsible for your skin colour; fair or dab. It is affected by different environmental factors and heredity too. Well, here we will be explaining 5 tips by which one can get healthy and flawless skin.

Here is the 5 steps to get a healthy skin

Sound sleep:

Sleeping is one of the best activities liked by everyone. It makes you relaxed both physically and mentally. But as overdose of everything is bad simply excess of sleep makes you lethargic and lazy. As a fact, if you sleep in proper intervals of time and for correct period is acts as a beautifying agent.


It is also called beauty sleep! At night, 6-7 hours of sleep is very necessary; you can you also have a nap daytime for 1-2 hours. In case of small kids, they need sleeping of 10-15 hours a day. It is good during growing years.

When you are sleeping, a fairy appears and replenish all the beneficial nutrients to your skin which makes it glowing and bouncy!

Watery skin:

When your skin is hydrated it looks much fair and gorgeous. Like when you dip your legs or hands in water it looks much fairer in sometimes. 70-75% of our body is made of water; lack of it causes dehydration. 3-4 litres of water is good for a well-grown adult; whereas it depends upon age and several other body factors.

Water for skin and health
Water for health

It flushes out toxins from your body providing it a natural glow and hydration. Water is a medium through which nutrients etc are passed to specific organs. You will find when you don’t drink water in water adequate quantity; you will feel lethargic and lazy.

If you are not willing to have water in such quantity then have it in some indirect ways; like juice, fruits, soups, vegetables etc. Water provides your cheeks a pinkish blush and fairer tone. Not only this, it cleanses your vital internal organs making it free from disorders.

Tip Right now, summer season is going on; everyone likes to have chilled water; mostly direct from freezer. Fact is, it damages your immune system and is bad for health. Better, prefer slightly chilled water or earthen pot water.

Exercises and workouts:

For a healthy skin, exercises, yoga, pranayama and workouts are very necessary. It tones up your body making it look much attractive, build-up and nice. Thin and lean body looks unappreciative whereas well-build body looks fabulous.


Not only this, when it becomes a part of your daily routine then you feel active and fresh after performing. A kick-start of morning with such 30 minutes of exercises and pranayama makes your day active and happening. Everyone should perform workouts at least 30 minutes a day; your action should be full of energy and dedicative.

Fruits and vegetables are must:

These colourful stuffs are rich in health benefits which keeps your body fit and healthy. Thee must be included in everyone’s day. Fruits and vegetables are rich in roughage, fibres, vitamins, minerals, water, sugars and other nutrients. These are sweet, sour, tangy and delicious stuffs that makes us delighted.


It is also said; An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! The sentence simply symbolizes that when you are adding these colourful stuffs to your daily diet then you will receive optimum health. In summer season, oranges, watermelons, grapes, mangoes etc are very nice. Green vegetables are even good for vision and promotes health.

Smiley always:

It is also said; a smiling face never gets older! It simply means, when you are always smiling your skin gets rejuvenated. You can notice yourself; those who are always sad can be seen depressed and as a result their skin as well as health both will be affected a lot. Instead of that; always stay hopeful and find happiness in small small things!


Those who are always happy are always seen cheerful and filled with positivity. There lies some powers in the smile by which your body as well as appearance gets highlighted. It is simply an ornament which everyone can wear.

There is also a scientific reason for this; when you smile 22 muscles in face is exercised which makes your skin naturally fair and gleeful. Stay always smiley and see the magic of smile on your face and overall personality.

So guys, these were small things but benefits a lot in your life. Every ambition can be achieved if your body is fit and able! Your health and body depends upon your consciousness. So, take care and live well!

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