5 Medicinal benefits of Moringa which you must know about

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Moringa also called Drumstick plant is full of health benefits. Each and every part of the plant has its own medicinal properties, which is just incredible! Today we will be telling you 5 medicinal benefits of Moringa plant.

Moringa is known as a ‘superfood’ due to its nutritious profile and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective properties. The plant looks  simpler, but its benefits are out  of words.

Where it can be found?

Moringa plant can be easily found everywhere; on street sides, at backyards, gardens etc. The leaves are smaller in size, with leaf green in color. The plant bears white flowers, which develops into fruits called ‘drumsticks’.

leaves of moringa
leaves of moringa

Uses of Moringa:

  • Moringa plant is used in various ways, the leaves are used as curry and also prepared with dal.
  • The flowers and the fruits are a staple vegetable, which tastes good and is best for health.
  • The roots of the plant is enriched with medicinal properties, and used in certain herbal medicines.
  • The leaves are also prepared as boiled soup, which is very good for health.
  • Drumsticks; the fruit of moringa plant is a key ingredient used to prepare South Indian gravy dish, called Sambar.
Sambar with drumstick
Sambar with drumstick

Kingdom- Plantae

Family- Moringaceae

Botanical name- Moringa oleifera

Now we shall be moving to our concerned point, which is health benefits of moringa plant. I’m sure, after reading the article you will be surprised of its benefits and your eyes will grow bigger and bigger.

Health benefits of Moringa plant:

moringa as medicine
moringa as medicine

1. Aids in Diabetes control-

The leaves of moringa, specially the tender ones are a kind of miracle for diabetics. It reduces and balances glucose levels in the body, thus preventing diabetes.

It also protects against any furthur damage, caused due to growing diabetes.

2. Richness in Iron-

The matured leaves of moringa is very useful for blood formation and abiding free radicals in the body. Being rich in minerals like Iron, copper, zinc etc; it is very useful for those suffering from anaemia and blood loss problems.

You just need to make a soup of the leaves, and drink on a regular basis. It is very good treatment.

3. For Flawless and beautiful skin

Including moringa flowers, fruits and leaves in your diet; will automatically result in smooth, plump and flawless skin. Being antibacterial and antimicrobial in nature, it cleanses the inner layer of skin which leaves your outer tone as glowing and flawless.

One can also make a pack of its leaves, and apply twice a week.

4. Improves Digestive health-

Are you also a victim of digestive disorders? Then here’s the best medicine. Moringa is rich in soluble fibres and very fewer in calories, making it superfood.

Intake of this also detoxifies your body, evenly cleansing heavy deposition of metals in the body. Thus anyone suffering from problems like constipation, diarrhea, IBS, kidney disorders must take this as a daily diet.

5. Good for growing children-

Moringa is rich in antioxidants, protein, calcium, beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium and other nutrients. A growing child, must get the intake of moringa. Either its leaves or drumsticks, must be included in the diet.

It makes a complete meal, ensuring for the proper growth of children.

These were the medicinal benefits of moringa plant. You were seeing this plant around you always, but not aware of its benefits. Now, the remedy is here. Use it to the fullest and make your and yours family’s life, healthy and happy.

Hope you like the post. Share it to all and don’t forget to leave a comment here. Take care and live well!

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