5 Easiest Home Remedies to treat Headache

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Headache can be of many types but today we will be talking about the remedies for common as well as migraine kind of headaches. These are the commonly seen afflictions and quite harassing too. Home Remedies are very affordable, useful and satisfactory.

intense common headache
intense common headache

Today we will be talking the easiest remedies or home remedies for headache; can you guess why are we telling the easy ones? Suppose if you are suffering from intense headache, and someone is advising you a long process. Will you follow it? Instead of making you relieved, it will make you feel stressed.

Migraines and intense headache are something, by which 8 out of 10 are suffering. Directly, we opt to pain-killer medicines and other ones which are quite harmful to the future references.

Why Home Remedies?

Since from the times of our grand parents, home remedies is the trend which never gets old. It’s evergreen and everlasting too. These are very affordable, free from chemicals, Eco-friendly and nice even.

Let us move to 5 easiest home remedies to combat headaches and migraine-type of headache.

5 Home Remedies for Headache:-

Useful home remedies
Useful home remedies

1. Hot and Cold action-

Hot and cold always leads to the balance. Similarly, if you are suffering from intense headache then must go for this procedure.

  • Take 2 vessels, 1 with hot water and another with cold water.
  • Also take 2 towels and dip each in the vessel.
  • Now, take the hot towel squeeze it and cover your head and neck with it.
  • After 2 minutes take it out and put the cold towel in same way.
  • Repeat the procedure for 10-15 times.
  • After that, you will notice that the headache is getting relieved.
  • In some days of this procedure, it will show results in migraine pain too.

2. Chilli powder therapy-

This therapy will astonish you, but is really effective especially in migraine type of pain.

  • Take a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of hot red chilli powder in it.
  • Mix well and dip a soft cloth or cotton ball in it.
  • Dip it in water and place in your  nostril.
  • It will give you an itching and burning sensation.
  • As a therapy, it will relieve the migraine and intense headache.
  • If you are having regular headache, then this therapy is really useful.

3. Lemon water therapy-

  • Take 2 ripe lemon and a teaspoon of Himalayan salt.
  • Mix the lemon juice and salt together.
  • Now add warm water to it and drink at once.
  • You will notice that the headache is getting erased slowly.

Himalayan Salt is rich in minerals and contains 84 of those minerals that only nature posses.

4. Cinnamon pack therapy-

Cinnamon is very good thing and an instant therapy for Headaches.

  • Take few sticks of Cinnamon and grind it.
  • Add some water with rose-water in it to prepare a paste.
  • Apply this on your forehead and keep for 10-12 minutes till it gets dried.
  • At this time, relax well so that it gets treated.
  • Now wash the paste off and you will notice that the headache is getting relieved.
  • By this time, you can also take a cup of cinnamon tea for better results.

5. Ginger tea therapy-

Ginger is a very good spice cum medicine which cures headache.

  • When suffering from any kind of headache, ginger tea works the best.
  • Take 2 inches of fresh ginger and chop into pieces.
  • Take 2 glasses of water, boil the ginger pieces in it.
  • Boil till it gets 1 cup.
  • Add some honey to it and sip it.
  • It is really good to cure headache.

Regular intake of this, even relieve in migraine type of headaches. Home Remedies for headache are really good and satisfactory too.

So, these were some of the easy home remedies for Intense and Migraine headache. These are really effective and very useful. Take care and stay well!

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