3 Soothing Summer Drinks to beat the Heat

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So now it is the end of January and the weather is getting hot. These are the extreme seasonal changes which are caused due to global warming. It can be estimated that this year summers will be quite strong. Guys, get ready from now to face the summer challenge. Here are 3 soothing Indian drinks/Summer Drinks which will help a lot.

The best way to protect yourselves from summer, is to keep your body cool and relaxed. Due to spicy and regular use of heavy food, our body gets heated, simultaneously these can cause discomfort and minor problems such as nasal bleeding, strokes, sunburn etc during summers.

Healthy Summer drinks
Healthy Summer drinks

What type of food one should take during summers?

  • The diet habit during summer should be light, mild and free from extra oils.
  • You should go for stuffs like gourds, pumpkin, leafy vegetables and other water rich veggies.
  • Make sure that you drink 3-4 liters of water a day.
  • Go for natural coolants instead of packaged ones.
  • Stay calm and relaxed.

Do’s and Don’ts during summers:-

There are many things that can either make your summer the beautifulest one or the worst one! We are giving some do’s and dont’s for summer which are really effective.


  • Wear soft, light-colored cotton cloths.
  • Take 7-8 hours of proper sleep at night.
  • Wake up early, and give some time for workouts and pranayama. It is the natural way to keep your body cool.
  • Stay happy and try to enjoy the season.
  • Your snack should be of yogurt, fruits, nuts, sprouts, juices  etc.


  • Dark colored fabrics can turn your mind upset and can also heat up your body.
  • Rely mostly on vegetarian stuffs, you can have sea-food and egg whites; as they are free from extra fat.
  • Spicy and fast food must be avoided.

Now, we will be talking about 3 drinks which are especially meant to keep your body cool and are best during summers. These are rich in health benefits and free from chemicals and preservatives.

3 Soothing Summer Drinks to beat the Heat:-

1. Buttermilk:-

Healthy Buttermilk
Healthy Buttermilk

Buttermilk also called ‘chhach‘ in Hindi, is a traditional Indian summer drink which has been known since from the times of God. It can be said as the drink of immortality. During summers it keeps your body cool and also aids in digestive system.

It can be taken twice a day, before the meal or after the meal. It mainly comprises of yogurt thus best thing for summers.

2. Sattu drink

Summer drinks Salty Sattu Drink
Salty Sattu Drink

Sattu drink is a very popular refreshing summer drinks in India. during summers, you can see the stalls of Sattu sharbat everywhere. It is famous in all parts of India, the preparation method differs at many places. May people prefers to have it in sweet form whereas some prefer to have in tangy salty style.

Sattu made of red gram is the best one. A glass of sattu drink forms a complete meal, it gets very heavy yet very refreshing. This is specially good during pregnancy, it makes both the mother and the developing fetus healthy.

3. Strawberry lemonade

Summer drink Strawberry lemonade
Strawberry lemonade

This is an Indo-western drink combined with strawberries and lemon. It is very refreshing and rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It looks very delicious and with exotic pink color. You can have this drink, one glass a day. It will prevent extra body heat, nasal bleeding and other problems during summer.

Once known how to prepare this, you can make in different flavors like using cranberry, pineapple and many more.

So, these were the three drinks which are best suited for summers. Summer drinks are very healthy and tasty too. Wanna a healthy and enjoyable summer then must follow the diet and health tips for summers. Take care and live well!

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