Urine color and what it says about your health

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Almost in all the body checkups, urine test is always there. The color and odor of urine reflects your health condition, and any kind of problem in it. Today we will be telling you what is the relation between urine color and health.

Since from childhood we have been advised to drink ample amount of water. Have you ever guessed it why? Yes, more than 80% of the diseases occur due to dehydration and lack of water content in body.

Urine color differentiates due to many reasons, but it is not always simple. Many times the change in urine color can be the sign of some rising disease.

urine color
urine color

Today we will telling you about different urine colors and what actually they says about your health.

1. Clear as water-

When your urine looks so similar and whitish as water, then it means your water intake is very high. Its time to check out your water intake and balance it.

2. Straw yellow and transparent-

It means ‘healthy’. When you are noticing, your urine comes as straw yellow with pale texture, it means there is no need to worry.

3. Dark yellow/Honey color-

Well, dark yellow  urine doesn’t means any harm but it signifies you need to correct your water intake soon. Dark yellow urine texture means that your body is little dehydrated.

4. Pink or reddish urine color-

When you eat any kind of red food like beetroot or blueberries, your urine color is obivous to get reddish. Many times it can also be due to blood in urine.

5. Orange or brown in color-

It is quite rare but the signal of disease in body. If you notice your urine as brown in color, it means your body is severely dehydrated or can be suffering from liver disease.

6. Blue or green-

It is rarely seen, as someone getting their urine blue or green in color. Blue or green urine signifies genetic disorders. It is the high time to seek medical assistance. Lack of  treatment can even make the disease persist and can be harmful.

In this way we saw how different urine color signifies different health conditions. Many of us neglect our urine color and texture. If you also does the same, then please get alert.

Take care of your health and stay well.

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