Scientific benefits of Ear piercing which you may not be knowing

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Piercing your ears, is a traditional Indian culture. But do you know, it has numerous health benefits, even from the view the science. Today we will be talking about the scientific benefits of ear-piercing.

Ear piercing is a trend in both males and females. Earlier, it was limited only till females and in India. Today it has exceeded its limitation to several foreign countries.

It is considered as a fashion trick, thus very popular among all. In India, specially among rural and country sides, you can easily find even the small girls having their ears pierced. Many of us consider it backwardness, illiterate nature and idiotness. But it is not so.

Ear piercing; backwardness or wiseness:

ear piercing benefits
ear piercing benefits

Ear piercing and wiseness! Many of you must be thinking it a joke. In olden days, when there were no schools except ‘gurukuls’, kids and students used to get their ears pierced, then recieved education from there. Do you why this was done?

The middle point of ear lobe, has several acupressure points in it which is responsible for sharp mind, intellect and better concentration. So such things are not backwardness or superstition, all time.

Now let us make you aware of, scientific benefits of Ear piercing. I’m sure, after reading this your eyes are going to open bigger and will look amazed.

Scientific benefits of Ear piercing:

  1. According to acupressure experts, there lies two acupressure points on the middle of ear lobe namely, master sensoral and master cerebral. Getting your ears pierced, treats the hearing problems and also prevents deafness.
  2. It also keeps your brain sharp and increases intellect.
  3. It keeps your reproductive system fit and treats problem of irregular periods, in females. It also increases sperm count and treats ovarian problems.
  4. Ear piercing prevents and treats bone problems among males and treats infections and hydrocele.
  5. It is believed, having your ears pierced decreases the risk of numbness and paralysis.

So now what will you say about this concept guys! Isn’t it amazing and only few knows about the thing. Share the post to all so that the awareness spreads to all. Take care and live well!


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