Protect your Unborn Baby from threatening Zika Virus

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There are many diseases and malfunctions, which gets transmitted to the baby from mother during the period of pregnancy. Those are called hereditary or genetic disorders. the latest virus cum disease, Zika Virus can even have the same transmission mode. Today we will be talking on the most trending topic of today’s date, Zika Virus and unborn baby.

Do you know that Zika virus infects the placenta, thus affecting the developing foetus.

Light on Zika virus and unborn baby:

Zika virus and pregnancy

Zika virus and pregnancy

Some pregnant women who are infected with Zika virus, transmit the infection to the foetus by vertical transmission. The placenta which is responsible for the transmission of nutrients and oxygen to the baby, if itself gets diseased the it is obivous that the baby will be the sufferer.

Now a question arises, what is the mechanism before the transmission or how the virus is able to cross the placental barrier and infect the foetus. Let us go deep into this and find it out.

How Zika Virus infects the placenta?

Zika virus and unborn baby

Zika virus and unborn baby

We all know that placenta is hosted with some immunity barrier which doesn’t allow any foreign substance to enter there. Then how does this infection enters there. Researchers now are able to describe it. The Zika virus infects and replicates in immune cells of the placenta also called Hofbauer cells.

The infected cells, which are not killed allow the virus to pass through the placenta of pregnant women and infect the brain cells of the foetus. Since the placental cells have direct access to foetal blood vessels, transmission of the virus to the foetus becomes easy when these cells are infected with Zika virus.

Which stage of pregnancy is much stressed with Zika virus?

normal and infected baby

normal and infected baby

Since the infection is much concerned and risky during the first or second early trimester. The viruses the affects the hofbauer cells, then by infecting the cells they simply damage the nervous system of the baby. In pregnant women, the symptoms are included with fever, rash, red eyes, muscle pain and headache.

How to prevent this?

Since there is no vaccine or treatment availed against Zika virus. Those who are infected should get plenty of rest, drink fluids and take pain-relieving medicine—if infected, you should also do your best to avoid mosquito bites for the first week of the illness.

This, the case of Zika virus and unborn baby is very trending in current date. This deadly virus not even forgives the neonates. The best way is to stay protected. Hope this article was reliable and informative. Share this awareness to all. Take care and live well!

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