Preserve and care our Natural infrastructures- Forests

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Forests are that natural resource that makes our earth green. It is the best and the biggest gift of nature. Today we will be making you aware of these natural infrastructures and how to preserve them.

What are the Forests?

It seems like these are the green-colored carpet, spread all over the barren land surface providing the earth a form of life. Forests are one of those precious elements that give our planet a quality that no other planet possesses; ‘Earth: The living planet’.


As we all know; air, water, and forests together make earth as a living planet. Also, it is a well-known fact, the first living being that originated on earth was ‘Archeans’, a member of plantea family. Forest occupies almost 31% of the total land resource.

Importance of Forests in development of nation:

Forests are also said as the building blocks of nation, because seems to be just trees but these itself plays a major role in development. Just take the example of a state where the forests and trees are given value just like humans; Kerala is one of them, that is why it is also called “Gods own country”.

These are like friends to us, they give shade to a large form of biodiversity. Not only this, it provides us with many precious renewable resources that soothe our lives.

Now we will be telling you the benefits of forests of all types.

cute animals in forests
cute animals in forests

Benefits of Forests:

  1. Reduces soil erosion-

    Soil erosion means, cutting down of soil by heavy rains and getting waste. Because of soil erosion, the fertile land becomes barren and futile. Actually, the humus containing soil which is very fertile and optimum for agriculture is on the topmost layer of the earth surface.

    When it rains heavily, that fertile layer gets washed up and the land surface becomes rough and barren. Trees and forests reduce this erosion as the dense root tighten and strengthens the soil crust that retains its moisture and avoids soil erosion.

  2. Minimizes flood and uses the stormwater-

    Forests aids in minimizing flood as the roots present inside the earth crust manage the stormwater for its transpiration and hence avoiding the flood. Not only this, the roots also used the excessive flood water aiding to the wastage of water.

  3. It regulates the temperature and climatic conditions-

    As we know; today global warming is one of the biggest threats to the nation. Because of global warming, temperature fluctuation occurs that leads to many hazardous influences.

    Forests act as the natural air conditioner that keeps the earth surface cool and maintains its temperature to a normal level. Forests also regulate the water cycle hence relieving the scarcity of water.

    The tree attracts the clouds and results in a timely shower that reduces the famine, droughts and so on.

  4. Absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen-

    Oxygen is must for our survival on earth. By the process of photosynthesis, they absorb the carbon dioxide that is released by humans and animals.

    Forest and trees also clears the air by removing the carbon dioxide and making the air eligible for us to inhale. That is why it I called; trees intakes poison and gives us the nectar.

  5. Provides many resources-

    The food we eat, the cloth we wear, the house we live. Almost all the things we use directly or indirectly comes from the forests. Like medicines; the elements used to make medicines are mostly derived from forests itself.

    Belladonna is an example; it is a plant used in making medicines of a whooping cough, joint pains, and many other ailments. Forests also provide us with fabric materials such as cotton, jute and many more.

    Fruits, vegetables, timber etc almost all our products are majorly derived from forests only.


What we do to these natural treasures?

In spite of all these valuable resources, we humans exchange these products from one very merciful thing that is deforestation. Today we humans are no more than a devil.

In order to make, infrastructures, buildings, roads and other human resources we are severely cutting down the trees and clearing the forests. We are just snatching the home of a large group of biodiversity.

Not only this, slowly we humans are moving towards the way to depletion. Clearing of these greens directly refers to reduction of oxygen, huge global warming, lack of organic materials, extinct wildlife and many more adverse consequences.

Actions against Deforestation:

forest resources
forest resources

Today, deforestation is spreading in a turbo speed all over the world. We are not clearing the forests; we are finishing one of the life sustaining elements from the earth.

To save these natural structures many Non-violent acts were passed and several steps were taken by the government but all of them were only active and useful till a period of time. “Chipko movement” was very influencing one. This was started in the 1970s. In this act, the people tightly hold the tree so that no one can cut it.

What should you do?

The best way to stop deforestation is to examine and get questions in you. No idea or any method can work till there is no guilty feeling in your core heart. Everyone needs to understand the value of forests; our green treasure.

If each and every one of us will be aware and afraid of the future condition of deforestation, then only we can have our promising steps to save the world.

So, be aware, treat trees and forests as your friends. These trees take nothing but give you a glowing future. Earth is yours, it depends upon you how to conserve it. Save forests, save earth!

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