How to keep away flies and flying insects from your house

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Home Sweet Home! Everybody loves their home with great affection and attachment. None of us wants our sweet home to be the residence of unwanted flies and flying insects. Today we will be telling you a simple technique to keep away those unwanted guests from our home.

Flies and Flying insects can be the carrier of dreadful diseases. Typhoid, Diarrhoea, Chickenguniya etc are the prime diseases spread by such ones.

flies and flying insects
flies and flying insects

What people do to keep them away?

Commonly, we go for pest control, use phenyl, insecticides and other germicides to keep them away. Still, after such trials we look as failures.

Many times it becomes a question mark, from where actually those flies and flying insects come from.

Well, it is compulsory to keep your surroundings clean and germ free.

Let us know that simple easy technique by which you can say goodbye to these unwanted guests.

How to keep Flies and Flying insects away?

orange and cloves for flies
orange and cloves for flies

Here we are with a very simple and easy method to keep such germs away. You will require a citrus fruit such as, orange, sweet lime or a big sized lemon.

With that get about 10-15 clove buds.

How to use these?

1. Take the citrus fruit and dip clove buds into it.

2. Make sure that the head is out.

3. You can make a small hole with some sharp pointing thing, then put cloves into it.

4. Keep it on your kitchen area, or anywhere you notice flies and flying insects.

What will you notice?

In just a few days, you will notice all such unwanted flies have disappeared. The citrus smell will act like the fire extinguisher for the fire.

In addition, when clove comes in contact with citrus juice it becomes the best germicide.

So if you are also facing the same problem, give it a try. Share your experiences with us and do share the post in all the social medias. Take care and live well!

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