Do you know your Chicken may contain Cancer causing Arsenic in it

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Love Chicken wings, chicken tandoori etc. Here is a scary news for you guys. Your mouth-watering chicken may contain cancer causing factors in it. This is not a guessing from us, now FDA also has agreed that overall 80% of chicken may contain arsenic in it. Today we will be talking about Chicken adulteration.

If you are a chicken lover, this is something you should definitely be aware of. While food adulteration and pesticide use are nothing new, a recent lab study conducted by Centre for Science and Environment’s (CSE) Pollution Monitoring Lab, shows how antibiotic-fed poultry is harming the consumers.

Chickens are injected with arsenic, which enhances the look of chicken and make it fleshy. But it has a lot of adverse effects. Have a look to the following para and get to known how arsenic affects your chickens.

What is Arsenic and how it affects chickens?

Arsenic is actually a toxic chemical which can lead to cancer formation in your body. It can be fatal if arsenic is taken in high doses.

Shocking news about Chicken:

Chicken adulteration
Chicken adulteration

It is very shocking to know that around 80% of chickens are fed in arsenic. It helps to stimulate the faster growth in chickens, it minimizes the food requirement of the chicken and also provides healthy color to the chicken, hog meat as well as turkey. The toxic level of arsenic is very high and considered as 4 times more toxic than mercury.

Data collected by FDA on chicken adulteration:

As per the survey conducted by FDA, the report stated that among the tested chicken half of them had inorganic arsenic in the liver. Through the consumption of this chicken, the toxic form of arsenic will affect our entire body leading to Cancer formation.

It is reported by the wall street journal that in the recent study conducted it is found that 100 broiler chickens have inorganic arsenic at huge levels in the liver. These chickens were treated with 3-Nitro of Pfizer. Thus the sale of 3-Nitro was stopped and another treatment was suggested for the chickens.

What to do to stay safe?

It is almost impossible to subtract poultry from your diet. So now what to be done! Following are the tips that one should follow to stay prevented from Chicken adulteration:

  • While purchasing chicken, make sure it is ‘desi‘ one and no smelly chemical is there.
  • Make sure that you purchase poultry from the hygienic place with the clean way of chopping.
  • Wash it twice with hot water and vinegar.
  • Marinate it well and use lemon, so that it kills any kind of adverse thing in it.

So these were the things about Chicken adulteration. One should be aware of these facts. Eat well and live well!

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