5 Beauty Tricks with Vaseline every girl should know

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Vaseline is a petroleum jelly, that we generally use to heal chapped lips and dry skin. But there are many more things you can do with this. Today we will be telling you 5 beauty tricks with vaseline jelly.

Vaseline jelly
Vaseline jelly

Every girl wants to look beautiful and glamorous. For this we use several beauty products, which are quite expensive even. Girls, now get ready to save some money.

Here we will be telling you 5 easy beauty tricks with Vaseline, which are really useful. It is a multipurpose jelly, with numerous benefits.

5 Beauty tricks with Vaseline jelly:

1. As a lipstick remover-

remove lipstick with vaseline
remove lipstick with vaseline

Generally, we use sponge or simple cloth to remove lipstick. Do you know, those things makes your lips chapped and dry. There are many lipstick which gets tighten on skin, and doesn’t remove easily.

Apply some vaseline jelly on lips for a minute. Now using a soft tissue paper, remove the lipstick. You will see the lipstick getting removed easily as never before!

2. To Thicken your eyelashes-

vaseline to thicken eyelashes
vaseline to thicken eyelashes

Thick eyelashes coated with mascara, gives a very fine and elegant look to your eyes. To make your eyelashes look great, you use lots of mascara and curler. Can the simple petroleum jelly help, to do it easily!

Take little vaseline jelly on your fingers and coat your upper eyelashes with it. Now apply a coat of mascara on it. It will make your lashes look thick, shining and will also retain it for a longer time.

3. Hides dead and split ends of the hairs

vaseline for split ends
vaseline for split ends

When going to a party or some ceremonies, if you see your split dried ends, it looks very embarrassing and ugly. Here is an instant trick to correct it.

Take some vaseline on your hands, rub it and apply on the split ends. You will see that the frizzy look gets disappeared, and your hair looks shiner and glossy.

4. Turns Matte lipstick to gloss-

Vaseline for lips
Vaseline for lips

If you are having a matte lipstick, but willing to apply gloss then vaseline jelly can help. Apply the matte lipstick on lips and then coat it with a thin layer of vaseline.

It will give a glossy look and will also protect the lipstick for a longer time.

5. Protects the perfume fragrance for long time-

perfume use with vaseline
perfume use with vaseline

If you see that your perfume looses its fragrance very soon then vaseline jelly can help. Apply some jelly on the areas you are going to spray perfume, side of the neck, wrists and underarms.

Now, spray it with perfume. You will notice that your perfume is protected for a longer time.

So these were some of the beauty tricks using Vaseline. Isn’t it useful and effective. Give it a try and share your experience with us.

Hope you like the article, share this to all. Look good and feel good!

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