Neck pain

Common things about neck pain and its herbal cure

Pain, inflammation, etc are something that is really hectic and uncomfortable to bear out. Sometimes it has no sign but is felt by the victim; many times some swelling and redness can be seen...
Stress and its effects

5 Yogasanas for Stress management

Yoga is a broad topic which holds many aspects; such as pranayama, asanas etc. It was discovered approximately 5000 years ago in India itself. Yoga is one of the main factor which was responsible...
Karnapidasana yoga pose

Strengthen your Spine with Yoga pose- Karnapidasana

Our spine or vertebral column helps to keep our back erect and fit. Now strengthen this, through the medium of Yoga. Today we will be talking about a yoga pose for spine strength called...
pros cons of yoga

Understand the Pros and Cons of Yoga

Yoga is a therapy that originated in India and calms your mind, body, and soul. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word yoke which means to bind together. It is the process...