Pranayama to increase concentration- Udgeeth pranayama

Brain is regarded as the master of our body. It is the king organ which is responsible for every functions and actions taking place. This mastermind also needs rest and some charging capacity; so...

Health benefits of Bhramari Pranayama

Pranayama is the technique by which positive energy enters your soul by kicking out negative energies out. It is the universal cure which helps to cure almost all the ailments. If some Pranayama steps...

Sirsasana yoga benefits on Health

All the yogasanas are meant for their own benefits and advantages. These are just the practices of body movement and breathing processes. As we know, our brain masters our whole body. Today, we will...
Dhanur Asana or bow pose

12 Yogasanas to exercise daily

Here are those 12 Yogasanas to exercise daily to make you fit and healthy always in the early morning. Special Thanks to Yog Rishi "Baba Ramdev" jee for sharing these images. Without him Yoga...