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Ardha matsyendrasana

Combat Diabetes and Backache with Ardha Matsyendrasana

Hey guys, today we are here with a yoga pose, which mostly deals to combat diabetes and backache. It is quite easy to perform and one of the eligible asanas. It is called Ardha...

Asana to strengthen spine- Halasana

Every yogasana is meant for certain benefits and advantages. What are Yogasanas actually? These are nothing but the movement of hands, legs and body parts with inhale-exhale action which makes it complete. Now, you...

Yogasana for Stomach disorders- Uttanpadasana

Uttanpadasana is a yogasana which is mostly meant to cure stomach problems. It is quite easier to perform yet very reliable one.Raised leg pose is beneficial for those having back pain and stomach disorder....

Yoga pose for Lung disorders- Matsyasana

The term 'Yoga' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'yug' which means 'to join'.It signifies the relation between; the individual soul and the universal soul. Basically, human evolution takes place on three different planes,...