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Asanas to remain healthy

Yoga pose Garudasana or Eagle pose

Hip opening Yoga pose- Garudasana

All the yoga poses are mend with some benefits in it. Yoga and Pranayama are the things which we inherited from our ancestors and Indian sages. Sages of that time were no more than...
Camel pose

Health benefits of Ustrasana

Many of the yoga poses have got their name with resemblance to certain animals, birds, objects and many other things. Each of them has their own benefits and steps to do. As a fact,...

Yogasana for Digestive troubles- Pawanmuktasana

Digestive system is our body system which means the digestion of food in our body. It has several organs which has its own functions. Many times due to some ailments, the system gets disrupted...

Sun Salutation- A complete workout for healthy living

Sun Salutation; also called Surya Namaskara in Hindi is regarded as the complete workout for a healthy life. One who regularly perform this; stays fit and healthy always. If you are habituated of this,...