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Yogasana for full body flexibility: Chakrasana

Yogasanas are something in which your body moves in different positions, for several benefits. Today we will be talking about a Yoga pose, which is meant to make your full body flexible. It is...

Yogasana for mental calmness- Shavasana

Yoga, meditation, exercises etc all are meant for the well-being of our body as well as mind. Yoga is a specialised form of yogic culture which are now also used as a form as...
tadasana yoga pose

Increase your height naturally with yoga pose- Tadasana

Good height reflects an attractive personality. Today we will be telling you a yoga pose, which is actually meant to increase height naturally. It is Tadasana. What is Tadasana? Tadasana also called 'Mountain pose' is...
Baddha Padmasana

Keep you Hands and legs flexible with Yogasana- Baddha padmasana

Every yoga pose has the motto, to keep your body flexible and fit. Today we will be talking about a yogasana, which is meant to keep your hands and legs flexible. It is called...