Asana to strengthen spine- Halasana

Every yogasana is meant for certain benefits and advantages. What are Yogasanas actually? These are nothing but the movement of hands, legs and body parts with inhale-exhale action which makes it complete. Now, you...

Yogasana to grow height- Sarvangasana

Yogasanas are something which are meant for wholesome development of ones personality. It not only makes you physically fit but also maintains your mental state and spiritual wellness. The health of our entire body...

Vajrasana- A simple yogasana for digestion

Yoga is a kind of physical activity simply said as the ancient form of exercise which gives the insight to know more about the self. The dormant inner powers blossom to give complete bliss...

Sun Salutation- A complete workout for healthy living

Sun Salutation; also called Surya Namaskara in Hindi is regarded as the complete workout for a healthy life. One who regularly perform this; stays fit and healthy always. If you are habituated of this,...