Erectile Dysfunction treatment through Yoga

Fighting off Erectile Dysfunction Through Yoga

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not nearly as embarrassing as one might think. It's actually becoming all too common among adult males, especially as new studies have found that COVID-19 can cause a new-onset of...

7 effective Yoga asanas to reduce belly fat

Does the unwanted belly fat makes you conscious sometimes? Are you fed up of trying to reduce your belly fat, and still can’t reduce it? If yes,then try yoga this time and feel the difference...
home remedies for migraine

Causes of Migraine and its Home Remedies

Migraine can become very disturbing in our day to day life and it’s a common issue that we face very frequently. They can be immediately treated with medications but overuse of such symptomatic medications...
treatment for frozen shoulder

How To Get Rid Of Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common disorder which causes pain, stiffness, loss of normal motion in the shoulder. The result can be serious if not treated properly on time. This affects people ages between 40-60....