Say no to Dengue

Preventive measures to control Dengue

Hello all, toady our topic is on spreading disease Dengue. Few years back, this disease was not so fluent and a topic to get worried about. But today, many of the health officers, doctors...
blocked tear duct

Blocked Tear Duct in babies: Meaning, Symptoms and treatment

Blocked Tear duct or Sticky eyes is a very common problem in babies and infants. First of all, we should know what is tear duct. It is a thin passage in the corner of every eye, which drains the tears down to the nasal cavity, that is why our nose feels running when we cry.
sun tan natural remedies

Easy and Effective Tips on Sun Tan natural remedies

Sunshine is one of the times when you can go on the beaches along with your friends and relatives to enjoy but by the end of the day, your skin will be left with...
Pregnant woman eating food

Top 10 Healthy Foods for Pregnant Woman

Diet plays a very important role in having a healthy pregnancy. The food which you take in these 9 months, directly affect your baby in all types. Healthy food is one of the biggest...