Clean teeth with turmeric and coconut oil

Whiten your teeth naturally with Turmeric and coconut oil

Teeth represent your personality and caring nature. Pearly white teeth represent good natured and clarity, whereas pale and yellow teeth shows irresponsible and unhygiene. Today we will be telling you a very natural way...
developing baby with umbilical cord

Advantages of Umbilical cord and its goodness for baby

Umbilical cord is like the wire which connects the baby to his mother inside the womb. It is actually the origin of the baby.. Today we will be telling you the advantages of cord...
split pigeon pea

5 Health benefits of Pigeon Pea Lentils everyone must know

Pulses (Lentil) are the major crops grown all over the world. Today we will be talking about one of the highly used pulse, called Pigeon pea. We will also be discussing its health benefits...
Cayenne pepper

Reverse Heart Attack with Cayenne Pepper in just a minute

When someone gets the cardiac/heart attack, they immediately rush to the hospital. Actually, this is not the right aid. Do you know, Cayenne pepper can save your heart attack? This should be the first...