5 Beauty Tricks with Vaseline every girl should know

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly, that we generally use to heal chapped lips and dry skin. But there are many more things you can do with this. Today we will be telling you 5...
kidney disease

5 Common Habits that can damage your Kidneys

Kidneys are the essential parts of every living being. It functions to filtrate waste materials like urea, nitrogenous wastes and other from the body.  Due to some of our habits, we indirectly damage our...
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Health benefits of Papaya seeds for full body detox

Papaya is one of the well-known fruits, liked by all. Papaya is said as the complete food, as it holds all the essential nutrients required for our body. Do you know, the papaya seeds...

Diet plan for Growing Kids

When an infant is born; he/she is totally depended on mother's milk. As they grow, slowly their diet starts getting expanded enriched with healthy nutrients for their proper growth. For neonates, diet is not...