Therapeutic values of Massage therapy

When you get sprain, headache or any kind of wound pain then, which first aid your opt the first and in the least time? Commonly, we rub the place gently which is commonly called...

Daily Routine to follow for a healthy life

Human life is the best form of creation in this earth. We humans have got all the capabilities, which many other creatures lacks. When we are infant, we are gifted with tender soft skin,...

Common things about Rainy season epidemic- Dengue

Rainy season; means lots of drizzling, showers, green coloured earth, rainbow and many more. All these things makes us very excited, as everyone likes to dance in rain and eat spicy, crunchy snacks. As...

Common things about Bronchitis and its herbal cure

Diseases are something which are disliked by everyone; none of us wants to get even a minor ailment too. The meaning of disease is "dis- lack of; ease- comfort". Disease is the deranged functioning...