what is Intermittent Fasting

Understand Intermittent Fasting in an easy way

What is intermittent fasting ? Intermittent fasting has become a healthy lifestyle trend nowadays. It is a time period between your eating and fasting. There are different types of intermittent fasting methods. You can plan...
homemade soap

3 Beauty Soap Recipe which anyone can prepare at home

Hey all, today we are here with the recipe of homemade soap. It is fully natural and best thing is free from chemicals and caustic soda. Let's move to our soap recipes.  What Branded and...
find time for gym

How to Find Time for the Gym with a Packed Schedule

You’re working eight to ten hours a day, trying to spend time with your family, get some rest and have a social life. And on top of that, you could really use some exercise,...
Pomegranate gelatin

Pomegranate Gelatin to get rid of Joint, back and knee pain

Medicines are always tasteless and just yikes! None of us likes to have them but to cure the illness we have to go for that. Today we will be discussing how to treat joint...