home remedies for sun tan

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Sun Tan

The sun’s ultraviolet rays increase the melanin in the body, which results in sun-tanned skin. Although we all love mild pleasant sun exposure, no one likes harsh scorching sun. Exposure to hot and humid...
pain management alternatives

5 Pain Management Alternatives

From casual gym goers all the way to elite athletes, pain management is a reality of life. This can be especially true the more often you're active as little cramps, aches, and pains can...
healthy and hygienic feet

Best Practices for Healthy and Hygienic Feet

There’s no substitute for your feet in terms of mobility; in fact, the simple and natural ability to use one’s feet is tantamount to physical independence for most people. Your feet deserve some extra...
heavy summer heat

The last stage of Summer is yet to come in Hyderabad region

Here is a news clip about South-Indian state Hyderabad. The dreadful and hot waves of summers are yet to come. If you are thinking, that May is going to end summers the you are...