hot coffee

Beware of sipping very Hot Coffee, it can cause Cancer!

Do you also like sipping very ;hot coffee? If yes, then you are also moving to health hazard or Cancer. Surprising, isn't it! Today we will be telling you a very interesting thing about...
Potato vegetable for health

5 common Diseases that you can treat using Potatoes

Potato is a tuber crop, which is widely used as a vegetable all over the world. Do you know this simple vegetable is very effective to treat, a huge number of disease. Let us...
Natural Remedies to cure diseases

5 commonly seen diseases and its natural cure

According to a story; once a God in form of human was travelling with a wooden box. On the way he handed the box to one native person and advised not to open till...
ripe papaya with seeds

Health benefits of Papaya seeds for full body detox

Papaya is one of the well-known fruits, liked by all. Papaya is said as the complete food, as it holds all the essential nutrients required for our body. Do you know, the papaya seeds...