kajal on baby eyes

Is it safe to apply Kajal on Newborn baby eyes

In many parts of world, applying Kajal on newborn's eyes is widely practiced. It has been practiced since from immemorial times. Is Kajal good for your baby eyes? Today we will be finding answer...
blocked tear duct

Blocked Tear Duct in babies: Meaning, Symptoms and treatment

Blocked Tear duct or Sticky eyes is a very common problem in babies and infants. First of all, we should know what is tear duct. It is a thin passage in the corner of every eye, which drains the tears down to the nasal cavity, that is why our nose feels running when we cry.
fever in newborns

How to cure Fever in Infants at Home without any Medicine

When the baby is in the womb, he is free from diseases; because he is in the safest and the most comfortable zone which is accurate for his health But after entering to the...
cord blood bank cycle

Newborn cord blood to fight against several diseases

When a baby is born, he or she is connected with an umbilical cord and the placenta. Many of us think those two materials as waste! Beware, moms and fathers-to-be, this thing can be...