postnatal diet care tips

Sample Postnatal Diet Chart for lactating mothers

Now when the baby is outside, you need to feed him in regular intervals. A healthy postnatal diet should consist of all kinds of nutritive elements like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and everything.
blocked tear duct

Blocked Tear Duct in babies: Meaning, Symptoms and treatment

Blocked Tear duct or Sticky eyes is a very common problem in babies and infants. First of all, we should know what is tear duct. It is a thin passage in the corner of every eye, which drains the tears down to the nasal cavity, that is why our nose feels running when we cry.
C section over Normal delivery

How to overcome Caesarean section over Normal delivery

In the present date, 8 out of 10 pregnant woman has to face Caesarean section. This has become very common among every place, whether it is a metropolitan city or a small town; C-section...
kangaroo care

What is Kangaroo Care and how it works in Baby development

Hey everyone, today my post is on the topic called ‘Kangaroo care’. It is a kind of baby care that strengthens the metabolism and development of small infants.Small kids are like angels. When a...