winter skin care solutions

Natural Winter Skin Care Solutions

Winter has already entered and it brings skin issues to many of us. Nobody loves having dry, uneven skin in the winter, but most fail to prevent it. Weather change is the primary cause...
home remedies for sun tan

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Sun Tan

The sun’s ultraviolet rays increase the melanin in the body, which results in sun-tanned skin. Although we all love mild pleasant sun exposure, no one likes harsh scorching sun. Exposure to hot and humid...

A beautiful day with Ayurveda – beauty regimen unearthed  

Ayurveda advocates natural beauty, do you want to have eternal beauty? If yes, read further these wonderful tips ahead. Ayurveda, the ancient herbal wisdom has countless beauty recipes starting from glowing golden yellow turmeric...

Herbal hair pack for Frizzy hair

A lot of us are fed up with dandruff and hair fall. Almost all of us want smooth, shiny and frizz free hair and for this we use all types of cosmetic products available....