Different types of Vitamin and their Health benefits

What is food; it is regarded as one of the basic units of life which contributes to keeping us alive. It provides nutrition in form of certain elements like Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, trace...

Magic Home Remedy to reduce Weight

To reduce weight means to lose certain pounds from body to get the desired, fit and healthy posture. For many, to loose weight is a big deal. They tries different options, tactics, dieting methods...

Diet plan for Growing Kids

When an infant is born; he/she is totally depended on mother's milk. As they grow, slowly their diet starts getting expanded enriched with healthy nutrients for their proper growth. For neonates, diet is not...
Healthy and inexpensive diet

Top 10 inexpensive and healthy food to stay fit

Food is the basic unit of life; which is required by everyone to stay alive. Guess, what will happen if the prices of food commodities will rise unbelievingly. Poors will starve and die of...