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This category keeps people updated about general health awareness like kids care, common cold, flu, fever, immunity and healthy lifestyle etc.

tuberculosis disease

Symptoms, prevention and other things to know about Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis; a deadly lung disease is very common these days. Today we will be telling you common things about T.B and related information to it. In the packets of cigarettes it is written; “Smoking...

Tips to lead a healthy life naturally

It is said all the living beings are made of earthy matters which consists of; air, water, ether, fire, and wind. This phrase makes it obvious that; a living thing can only be healthy...
recover from neck pain

How to recover from neck pain naturally

What causes neck pain:Neck side muscles, bones, ligaments which support our head for motion, when get injured or any abnormalities or inflammation occurs, then it can cause...
natural ways for cool summers

5 Natural ways to Beat the Heat

Time to pack blankets and woolens now! Because it is the summer season, which is actually increasing every year. Today we will be sharing 5 methods by which you can beat the...