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This category keeps people updated about general health awareness like kids care, common cold, flu, fever, immunity and healthy lifestyle etc.

swallow tulsi leaves

Why one should swallow tulsi leaves instead of chewing

Tulsi leaves and bad for health! What a joke. Many of you must not be believing it. We are not telling that tulsi leaves are bad for health, but chewing it can be bad...
Flu and the Ayurvedic Approach

Sick as a Dog: The Flu and the Ayurvedic Approach

You are probably not thinking of this flu season as the perfect chance to get to spend a week in bed feeling like garbage. One thing you can be sure of before and during...
ways of living with an injury

10 Helpful Ways to Live with an Injury

If you want to appreciate your life more, try living with an injury. And as you watch all of your plans go spiraling off into the bushes, you will find yourself promising the universe...
W pose

Never let your kids sit in ‘W’ pose, here’s why

Kids love sitting in 'W' pose. It is the most comfortable and eased position for them.  Do you know that, sitting in W pose can be bad for your kids in future references! Yes,...