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Development of Cancer disease

6 Household products that cause Cancer

We all know that disease occur due to pathogens and pathogens appear when they receive moist climate. Many of us don't know that due to some of us activities and household products; many dreadful...

Easy way to check Adulteration in Apple Fruit

An apple a day keeps the doctor away; this is a very common and famous health proverb. But now, due to food adulteration it is somewhere getting false. Today we will be telling you...
W pose

Never let your kids sit in ‘W’ pose, here’s why

Kids love sitting in 'W' pose. It is the most comfortable and eased position for them.  Do you know that, sitting in W pose can be bad for your kids in future references! Yes,...
ear piercing benefits

Scientific benefits of Ear piercing which you may not be knowing

Piercing your ears, is a traditional Indian culture. But do you know, it has numerous health benefits, even from the view the science. Today we will be talking about the scientific benefits of ear-piercing....