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developing baby with umbilical cord

Advantages of Umbilical cord and its goodness for baby

Umbilical cord is like the wire which connects the baby to his mother inside the womb. It is actually the origin of the baby.. Today we will be telling you the advantages of cord...
neck cracking

Cracking your neck can be bad for health, here’s the reason why!

Whole day sitting in front of computer and laptops, when we feel our neck fragile and stiffed, we crack it in left and right directions. It gives us instant relief and a feeling of...

Keep your Woolens fresh and hygienic all around the Winters

Woolen clothes are the basic need of chilling and freezing winter season. Everyone likes to enjoy winters with soft, colorful, bright and cute woolen cloths. Today we will be telling you how to keep...
winter dehydration

What is Winter Dehydration and how to prevent this

By reading this topic you guys must be thinking how dehydration can occur in winters or what is winter dehydration. Firstly, let’s talk about ‘Dehydration’. Then after, we will be talking about some other...