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Easy way to check Adulteration in Apple Fruit

An apple a day keeps the doctor away; this is a very common and famous health proverb. But now, due to food adulteration it is somewhere getting false. Today we will be telling you...
best bathing process

Scientific way of Bathing for a long and healthy life

Bathing is our daily life process, which keeps our body clean and purified. It is not a big thing to know, but how to bath in a scientific way is a big thing! Today...
apple cider vinegar

5 Every day uses of Apple Cider Vinegar everyone should know

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is a very familiar and known liquid to all. It is widely used as a medicine. But the uses of ACV are far beyond, just as a medicine. Today...
understand real ayurveda

Be well-versed with Real Ayurveda

Being in the present means letting go of the past and not getting anxious about the future. Ayurveda in the present era has so many things to do for benefitting mankind. The past was...