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cleanses your liver naturally

10 Foods that cleanse your liver naturally

The liver is an important body organ and power house of the body. It filters and processes your food. It filters your blood and passes it to the rest of the...
treatment for frozen shoulder

How To Get Rid Of Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common disorder which causes pain, stiffness, loss of normal motion in the shoulder. The result can be serious if not treated properly on time. This affects people...
corona virus

5 Effective and natural ways to prevent Coronavirus

In this range of viruses, there are some which are limited only to animals and does no harm to humans. But this coronavirus is something which can easily be transmitted to humans through animals like bats and snakes.
offering water to sun

Benefits of offering water to Sun Scientific reason and Procedure

Sun is the only evident God, which we can see and feel its energy. Sun is the source of life. Without the sun, life is impossible. In our ancient scriptures, it is...