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natural blood thinners

10 Natural Blood thinners for Heart Health: What, why, and how

First thing first. I will cover below points in this article: 1. Why does blood clot mostly during winter? 2. Allopath remedy for blood thinning (instantly)? 3. What happens if blood clots or thickens? 4. At what age...
dialysis or artificial kidney

Common things to know about Renal Parenchymal disease

Introduction:- We human beings are made of several metabolic systems that have their own specific functions and characteristics. ‘Excretory system’ is one of them. Excretion means the removal of unwanted materials. Our excretory system includes;...

What is Gall bladder stone and how to cure it naturally

Human body is the complex design of nature. We humans possess certain organs which contributes to form organ systems. Each organ in body is necessary and has its own functions and advantages. Even if...

Common things about Rainy season epidemic- Dengue

Rainy season; means lots of drizzling, showers, green coloured earth, rainbow and many more. All these things makes us very excited, as everyone likes to dance in rain and eat spicy, crunchy snacks. As...