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health benefits of water caltrop

6 water caltrop or singhara benefits you never heard of

What is Water caltrop(water chestnut or singhara or Panifal)But this fruit “Water caltrop” or singhara is not so attractive but is full of...

Top 10 Medicinal benefits of Lemon- Cures Obesity, Skin diseases

Everyone loves to enjoy drops of lemon with their favourite chat, pani puri and other salty snacks! Lemon is found in every house due to its multi-purpose nature itself. Lemon is a fruit cum...
Dragon fruit for health

5 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit which is incredible!

5 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit : Hey all, today we will be talking about a fruit which is called Dragon Fruit! The name is due to its outer look, where green...
Green leaves of Fenugreek

10 Health benefits of Fenugreek(Methi)

Health benefits of Fenugreek: When it comes about Health, several herbs, fruits, vegetables, pulses etc comes to our mind. One of the most common herb, spice and vegetable we use in our...