10 yoga poses for healthy life

Pranayam and Yoga Asanas Gallery

This gallery will host all the images related to Yoga Asanas and Pranayam to keep us health always. There will be many images shared here from various locations like Baba Ramdev's Facebook official page and...
Flowers of Tesu

15 Medicinal uses and benefits of Tesu flower plant

You might have seen a reddish-orange coloured flower, used in Holi. Yes, it is Tesu flower or Palash flower. Today we will be telling you the medicinal usages and benefits of this beautiful looking,...
gem corn

Gem Corn: The Natural and healthy way to eat rainbow

Bored of yellowish and white corn! Now discover something new, something colorful and healthy. Yes the thing is here. Today we will be talking about a corn which has multicolored cobs and looks just...

10 Medicinal benefits of thorny plant; Prickly poppy

Around your backyards, gardens, roadsides, deserts etc you must have noticed a kind of thorny plant which bears flowers may be of yellow, red, blue or white in colour. Many of us rejects it...