how to get rid of hiccups naturally

How to get rid of hiccups naturally

A hiccup occurs when there is a contraction of muscles in the diaphragm. We suck air through the vocal curd, during contraction. That produces a hiccup sound. Hiccups are something sudden that you can’t...
home remedies for goitre

Effective Home Remedies for Goitre

Goitre is a condition of abnormal swelling of the thyroid gland. It may cause due to hypothyroidism. A lack of thyroid hormones can cause the gland to swell up. Also, iodine deficiency is the...
home remedies for tight skin

Effective Home Remedies for Toned Tight Skin

As we age, our skin gets on a transition phase from youthful, younger-looking skin to sagging loose skin. Skin loses its collagen and elasticity. When the skin starts losing elasticity, we experience wrinkles, fine...
home remedies for edema

Top Home Remedies for Edema or Swollen Feet

What causes edema or swollen feet Swelling (also known as edema) occurs when the body holds fluid in the lower legs, ankles, and feet. It usually happens on both sides of your body. As a...