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understanding ayurveda easy way

Understanding Ayurveda in an easy way

More than 5000 years old treasure of Ayurveda is now known throughout the world. Though Ayurveda originated in India, now its roots are widespread across the seven seas. Everyone is now familiar...
health benefits of coconut oil

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconuts have originated in the south pacific. Coconut oil has so many overall health benefits. It is widely available all over the world now. It claims that it helps in losing body...
home remedies for Chronic Sinus

Natural Home Remedies for Chronic Sinus

A sinus infection occurs when the sinuses become inflamed and swell up because of a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. The infection can be acute or chronic lying behind your eyebrows, behind...
diarrhea in babies

Loose Motions in Babies: Causes, Symptoms, Risks, and Cure

In the infant age, babies suffer from so many minor problems ranging to cough cold to loose motions. The reason is they are very small and have very low immunity to fight...