Health benefits of Flowering plant- Jasmine

Flowers are the most attractive part of a plant. Everyone gets attracted towards colourful, fragrance and beautiful flowers. Not only humans, but insects and plants also gets attracted towards it. Like honeybees gets attracted...
Malkangni tree with seeds and flowers

Medicinal Benefits of Malkangni Oil

Before starting the benefits of this miraculous oil i.e. Benefits of Malkangni Oil. Let me share my views on why I am going to write this topic today. The 21st century can be said as the...

Ayurvedic remedies for seasonal eye inflammation -Stye

Human body is really a miracle! But this miracle is only viewable to those who possesses the soul vision to see it. Eyes are one of the precious gifts which let us see this...
Ayurveda treatment for respiratory problems

Ayurveda for Respiratory Ailments

Ayurveda is known as the traditional form of healing. It has been practiced since from ages. It was said and also a well-known fact that few decades back, our ancestors and saints were liable...