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Hallux rigidus preventive measures

Hallux rigidus is a joint disorder located at the bottom of the big toe. It causes pain and stiffness in the joint and with time it gets increasingly difficult to bend the toe. 'Hallux"...
benefits of dal

Health Benefits of Dal to your body

Dals (pulses) are very commonly used in Indian cuisine. Eating dal every day can help you to stay healthy and fit. Pulses are rich in iron, protein, and fiber. You may love it or...
What is Ulcerative Colitis?–Treatment in Ayurveda

What is Ulcerative Colitis?–Treatment in Ayurveda

Ulcerative Colitis is a chronic condition and is a type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD. It affects large intestines and leads to inflammation and swelling of colon. We will let you know what is...
Ripe guava fruit

Top 10 Amazing health benefits of Guava Fruit

Guava is a well-recognized fruit all across the globe for its medicinal benefits and taste. For some, it is a simple fruit whereas for some it is simply an unexplainable miracle of nature. What...