Herbs that can keep you healthy


Butterfly pea: A flower plant towards immortality!

Flowers are the most beautiful part of the plant. They are beautiful, auspicious, fragrant, attractive and colourful; all these properties makes them so special that even a flower which is grown on a thorny...
Dry turmeric sticks on bowl

Miraculous health benefits of Turmeric

Spices are one of the major ingredients of Indian cuisine; without such spices food stuffs turns tasteless and unpleasant. In India, spices are also recognized as a kind of natural remedy. As every herb...
Ripe guava fruit

Top 10 Amazing health benefits of Guava Fruit

Guava is a well-recognized fruit all across the globe for its medicinal benefits and taste. For some, it is a simple fruit whereas for some it is simply an unexplainable miracle of nature. What...
Ashwagandha leaves for health

Ashwagandha: Herb towards a blissful life

India is the land of herbs and divine herbal medications. One should know, the first form of treatment which is regarded as the oldest of all was the origination of India itself. It was...