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Tender leaves of Henna

10 benefits of evergreen plant ‘Henna’

Many of us simply consider Henna plant as a cosmetic tree which is used for colouring purposes. But guys, after going through this article you will find yourselves disillusioned and amazed. You will find...
health benefits of guggul

Guggul: Varieties, Health benefits, Doses, and precautions

Guggul: A red-listed herb Guggul is an oleo-gum-resin extracted from Commiphora wightii (Guggul). It is called Commiphora Mukul. Guggul is a well-known herb whose resin has been used for ages. It is a flowering plant...
mint herb

5 Health benefits of Mint Herb everyone must know

Mint is a very well-known herb in Ayurveda. It is multipurpose in nature and has numerous medicinal benefits too. Today we will be talking about the health benefits of Mint. The appearance of Mint herb Mint...

Herbal Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis – Recommended Diet

Outlook Due to relapsing-remitting pattern, Ulcerative colitis, a digestive tract disorder affects a person's social and psychological well-being. As name clears, inflammation of colon along with ulcers or sores formation which worsts the symptoms of the...