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Cannabis:10 Health Benefits of the Ancient Plant

There are many herbs and plants, known or unknown to mankind which have enormous health benefits; one of them is called Cannabis or Medicinal Cannabis. It is one of the ancient plants which rank...

5 Health benefits of Shankhpushpi – Brain tonic herb

Shankhpushpi is a herb plant, known for its multiple benefits. In all, it is highly popular for its brain development features. Today we will be talking about the benefits of Shankhpushpi. Where the plants are...

Common things about Bronchitis and its herbal cure

Diseases are something which are disliked by everyone; none of us wants to get even a minor ailment too. The meaning of disease is "dis- lack of; ease- comfort". Disease is the deranged functioning...
ayurvedic herbs for pellegrini stieda syndrome treatment

Herbs for Pellegrini Stieda Syndrome Treatment

Pellegrini stieda syndrome is a medical problem which is characterized by pain, swelling and inflammation in the knee. This occurs due to the deposition of calcium on the inner side of the knee. This...